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In a world full of sheep

be the wolf


Make sure your client’s passive investment
doesn’t get┬ádevoured by high fees

Throw your investment

to the wolves


Resourceful, resilient and prudent, wolves
ensure their catch goes a long way.

A wolf

in wolf’s clothing


Tell your clients what they see is what they
get with Magwitch offshore ETF solutions

Magwitch Offshore are South Africa’s foremost experts on using exchange traded funds within your investment portfolio. We firmly believe that the investment results are achieved by managing the costs, by diversifying your risk, and by having the appropriate asset class mix. Magwitch has an extensive selection of risk profiled model portfolios in all major currencies meeting the needs of investors.

Reduce your costs and enjoy the returns earned on your portfolios, instead of having your money work for someone else. We provide you the low cost investment solution.

The Magwitch Models

Diversified Bond

The Diversified Bond portfolio is suitable for the investor who wants a higher level of capital protection.  Bonds have lower volatility with steady, regular income flows.  The portfolio is only exposed to bonds denominated in the currency invested.

Global Cautious

The Global Cautious portfolio has a 25% exposure to the Global Equity portfolio and a 75% exposure to the Diversified Bond portfolio.  It is suitable for the conservative investor who is looking for a high degree of capital protection but at the same time wants some exposure to growth.

Global Moderate

The Global Moderate portfolio has a 50% exposure to the Global Equity portfolio and a 50% exposure to the Diversified Bond portfolio. It is suitable for the moderate investor who wants to experience inflation beating returns at a reduced volatility.

Global Growth

The Global Growth portfolio has a 75% exposure to the Global Equity portfolio and a 25% exposure to the Diversified Bond portfolio. It is suitable for the long term investor who is looking to generate wealth.  The exposure to the bonds adds beta and downside protection to the portfolio.

Global Equity

The Global Equity portfolio gives the investor the opportunity for the largest possible gain, but at the highest level of volatility.  Over the long term equities will always be your leading asset class however they don’t deliver their gains in a straight line.  The portfolio is exposed to the largest companies in the world, weighted based on their market capitalisation.