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Portfolio Holdings

When determining which ETF to use, we select the ETFs that are deemed to be a fair representation of the characteristics of the referenced Morningstar Category Index, given the information currently available. The equity component of the portfolios aims to deliver the return of FTSE Global All Cap Index, covering 90-95% of investable markets. This provides investors with exposure to over 7 000 companies spread across the globe.

The bond component of the portfolios holds a diversified group of investment grade bonds. The unique characteristic of each portfolio is evident by the bond exposure. We have closely aligned our asset allocation belief with that of the Morningstar categories. The primary reason bonds are allocated to a portfolio is to diversify the portfolio and mitigate risk. There is no need to introduce unnecessary currency risk into the low risk component of the portfolios. Our managed portfolios are currency agnostic when investing in bonds. US Dollar investors who invest in one of the balanced strategies will have exposure to USD denominated bonds only.  This will help to achieve capital preservation in US Dollars. Sterling investor’s bond exposure will be in GBP denominated bonds only and the same applies to Euro investors.