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Execution Only facility

We understand that every investor is driven by individual expectations and needs and may want to purchase overseas shares and Exchange Traded Funds in addition to one of the risk profiled portfolios. It is for this reason that we offer an execution only service at very compelling brokerage rates on the major exchanges across the globe.

Magwitch executes a trade upon the specific instruction of a client where we do not give advice on investments relating to the merits of the transaction and in relation to which the rules on assessment of appropriateness. You will have access to a dedicated dealing desk who you can trust to provide you with best execution on every occasion.

We also have the capability to create sub accounts on client request. This becomes useful when the investor wishes to have multiple currency accounts or would like part of their account to be managed by Magwitch and the shares through the Execution only facility.


All trade requests must be sent to trading@magwitch.co.za