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DFM Model Portfolios

Our passive discretionary fund management range consists of 7 model portfolios that cater to investors in the three major currencies of USD, GBP, and EUR and a wide range of risk and return profiles. The portfolios utilise a combination of Index Funds from the biggest asset management issuers such as Blackrock iShares and Vanguard to replicate the Morningstar benchmarks to which we align our portfolios. The portfolios are highly diversified with global equity and investment grade fixed-income exposure.  

 The DFM model portfolios are ideal for clients looking for a low cost investment solution with superior performance at the appropriate risk profile. Our DFM model portfolios can be applied to most investment structures, including sole & joint accounts, trusts, and companies. Our DFM model portfolios can be accessed through the Old Mutual International platform and the Momentum International platform. As these portfolios do not require the use of a custody account, the minimum investment amount is significantly lower and therefore making our low cost passive portfolios available to more investors.