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ETF Education Hub

Our series of videos will help you understand the ETF products and the ETF industry a little better.

Episode 1 – What is an ETF?

In this video we start at the very beginning by explaining what is an ETF.

Episode 2 – The Vast ETF Universe

In this video we look at how big the ETF universe has become.

Episode 3 – The Incredible Growth in the ETF Industry

In this video we delve into how the large part of the growth in the ETF industry is not from new money, but from investors changing their product preference.

Episode 4 – ETFs compared to Mutual Funds

In this video we look at the clear distinction between Exchange Traded Funds and Mutual Funds (Unit Trusts).

Episode 5 – Why ETFs are so cheap

In this video we explain why the investment cost of ETFs is so much lower.

Episode 6 – Fixed Income ETFs

In the final episode in our series, we highlight just one asset class, namely Fixed Income ETFs.  These products are often used by individual investors but remain almost unknown to the retail investor.